What is KaabeApp?

When you start using KaabeApp also known as Digital Waiter, you wait less and enjoy more. We Know waiting for waiter is not fun.

KaabeApp is an online self-ordering system that offers a more convenient way to eat. Its designed to offer a completely seamless, instant and contacless dining experience to it's users.

KaabeApp benefits both businesses and end customers.

digital waiter

How KaabeApp benefits your business?

Please watch the video clip on the right, key take overs:

Faster ordering
Customers can place orders directly to the kitchen from their tables.
Don't lose customers

No need to wait your busy waiters. Customers can place their orders direct from their mobile phones.

Reduce costs
By optimizing your ordering process and future proofing your business with KaabeApp, you can minimize your labor costs.
Digital menu
Create your digital menu with high quality images with KaabeApp.
Contactless ordering
Placing a new order is effortless and fun with QR-codes placed on the tables.

How KaabeApp benefits end customers?

Customers can place orders directly from their mobile phones. No more waiting, browse the menu and place your order instantly.


Start, Manage and Grow your Business with KaabeApp

KaabeApp is an online self-ordering system that offers a more convenient way to eat. Its key features include:

  • Customer App

    Android and iOS app used by end customers to browse menu and place orders

  • Dashboard

    Management dashboard for seeing latest sales figures.

  • Order Queue

    Staff dashboard for processing orders and moving between new-inprogress-ready states.

  • History

    Browse old orders and view details.

  • Payments

    View and search all your latest mobile money payments from customers.

  • Customers and messaging

    Browse, find and engage with your customers

KaabeApp Pricing

No Setup Fee. No Maintenance Charges. No Minimum Commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

# What is KaabeApp?

KaabeApp is an online self-ordering system that offers a more convenient way to eat.

# How does it benefit you?

  • ● It is very simple to use the app (scan, order and pay)
  • ● No need to wait for the waiter to bring the menu or take your order
  • ● Browse up-to-date menu online
  • ● Place orders directly from the mobile app
  • ● No mistakes from the waiter
  • ● Keep a check on outstanding orders
  • ● View pictures of the dishes
  • ● View bill online before placing orders

# How can I pay my final bill?

● Pay final bill on your mobile (payment method supported are ZAAD, EVC plus, eDahab, M-pesa, CBE birr, hello cash).

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